Industry group for precision machining companies


Dutch Precision Technology


Dutch Precision Technology (DPT) considers it important that its activities and those of the companies affiliated to it continue to be in accordance with current legislation. This concerns competition law in particular, but also legislation against fraud and corruption. DPT believes that businesses should engage in free competition; that is, on the basis of quality and price. DPT recognizes that the legislation mentioned above is intended to promote free competition, meaning that this legislation has the full support of DPT.

Within DPT and the companies affiliated to DPT, no subjects will therefore be discussed, no decisions taken, no agreements made or information exchanged (in writing or orally) of an anticompetitive nature.

For example, regarding:

  • prices
  • production, marketing and distribution
  • costs
  • tenders
  • individual offers for the supply of products within the scope of tenders
  • procedures or perspectives of individual companies with respect to tenders
  • tendering regulations and individual clients or suppliers.